Reverse Mortgages: Don’t Get Fooled!

Reverse Mortgages: Don’t Get Fooled! You’ve probably heard a lot about reverse mortgages. There are a variety of types that have different requirements and payouts, so shopping around for the right option is important. It is also essential that consumers understand the potential for reverse mortgage scams. These issues can not only create a financial… Read More »

Can You Collect Social Security While Working?

Can You Collect Social Security While Working? It is possible to collect benefits and work, but there are some rules you need to consider. It may have to do with your age or the type of benefits that you will collect. Knowing what is possible and not possible will be an important part of making… Read More »

How to Be an Executor

How to Be an Executor An executor of a will carries out the last wishes of someone close who has died. The executor ensures that the rules that govern the administration of a probate estate are followed. Here are three key tasks of the executor job: You can get help. A lot of responsibility is… Read More »

Family Businesses and the Next Generation

Family Businesses and the Next Generation   Is having your children work in your family-owned business a blessing or a curse? Here are five tips for making it a blessing and preventing it from being curse: Have them work elsewhere for at least five years. They need time to mature, becoming their own individuals, and… Read More »

The Equifax Security Breach and What To Do

Jerry Reynolds|September 18, 2017 There has been a lot in the news lately about a huge security breach that happened at credit reporting agency Equifax.  In fact, the odds are good your identity has been compromised since there were 143 million people affected.  So what should you do to give yourself the best chance of… Read More »

When Your Pet Is Your Heir

Call it one of the great hallmarks of pethood: seeing that your beloved pets are provided for in the event that you are not there to care for them. What about your voiceless companions? Who will step in to shepherd your dogs, cats, lizards, birds, rabbits and goldfish should you cease to be? How will… Read More »

How to Leave a Vacation Home to Your Kids

As you toss that Frisbee outside your beach house, are you struck with hope that your grandkids will have similar good times there? It’s time to start planning. If you fail to take the right steps to ensure your vacation home’s future ownership — through your estate plan — you may be opening up a… Read More »

How to Talk About Your Estate Plan With Your Heirs

It’s very hard to decide how much and when to tell children and other heirs about your estate plans. Take into account your family circumstances, but consider the whole scenario. Your hesitancy may come from revealing your family’s expected inheritances. A survey by UBS of nearly 3,000 investors showed that just 54 percent had discussed… Read More »

How to Protect Your Estate From an Ex

Few things are more emotionally trying than going through a divorce. Once you arrive at a settlement agreement, you feel some relief that you can move on with your separate lives. But you may not realize that your hard-earned money can end up back with your former spouse if you fail to implement an estate… Read More »

A Shrewd Way to Give: The Donor-Advised Fund

A DAF is like a charitable savings account because you can contribute to the fund as frequently as you like. You can recommend grants to your favorite charity when you’re ready. Here’s how it works: You make an irrevocable contribution from your personal assets. You immediately receive the maximum tax deduction that the Internal Revenue… Read More »