How to Protect Your Estate From an Ex

Few things are more emotionally trying than going through a divorce. Once you arrive at a settlement agreement, you feel some relief that you can move on with your separate lives. But you may not realize that your hard-earned money can end up back with your former spouse if you fail to implement an estate… Read More »

Wondering About Medicaid (Medi-Cal) Eligibility?

Long-term care is a big concern for many older adults. And while various long-term care insurance options exist, Medicaid is still one of the most crucial for many. But navigating Medicaid has proven to be confusing and complicated, so how do you know how to qualify for benefits? Before you dive into the process yourself,… Read More »

The Money Side of Divorce

While divorce may end a marriage, it doesn’t end obligations to one another. In many relationships, one spouse is more financially well-off than the other. In a divorce, this earning discrepancy means that the poorer partner is entitled to receive spousal support, or alimony, to help him or her establish a new, post-divorce life. Alimony may… Read More »

A Shrewd Way to Give: The Donor-Advised Fund

A DAF is like a charitable savings account because you can contribute to the fund as frequently as you like. You can recommend grants to your favorite charity when you’re ready. Here’s how it works: You make an irrevocable contribution from your personal assets. You immediately receive the maximum tax deduction that the Internal Revenue… Read More »

Benefit Transfers When a Spouse Dies

Your spouse dies, and after the initial grief, you find your prescription that never cost a cent before is suddenly priced at $195. Whoa! You go home grumbling to yourself — what do they mean?! Are the benefits that came through your spouse gone? If you’ve been receiving health insurance and pharmaceutical benefits through your… Read More »

Transfer on Death (TOD) Designation for Motor Vehicles

If you are one of our existing clients, you are familiar with the utility of death beneficiary designations as a way of avoiding probate and achieving the seamless transfer of assets at death.  For example: You can designate a person to inherit your checking or savings account by filling out the bank’s Transfer on Death… Read More »

Learning Your Way Around Medicaid Trusts

Medicaid trusts fall into the general categories of revocable and irrevocable trusts. Most elder lawyers are partial to irrevocable trusts because they can’t be changed after they’ve been created. They’re drafted so that income is payable to you — the creator — to use for your living expenses for your life. The principal is inherited… Read More »

Trump’s First 100 Days: Looking Back and Planning Ahead

How We Can Future-Proof Your Estate Plan The recent political news cycle has been nothing if not lively. Are you concerned about how your taxes, healthcare, and trusts might be impacted by changes in our government under the new administration? If so, you are not alone: Considering how many twists and turns the first 100… Read More »

Are You Familiar With Community Property Trusts?

Learn How These Special Trusts Can Help Reduce Income Taxes Community property trusts can save your family tens of thousands of dollars in capital gains taxes, and that’s just one of their many benefits. This lesser-known strategy isn’t right for everyone, but for households that can make the most of it, it’s a planning tactic… Read More »