Setting the Stage for Your Own Funeral

In a Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie, “Send Me No Flowers,” comedian Paul Lynde plays a funeral director who jumps to the conclusion that Hudson wants to surprise his wife, Day, with the thoughtful gift of a final resting place. It’s a bit of hilarity. But fast-forward to the 21st century and the idea of preplanning… Read More »

‘Innocent Spouses’ and the IRS

It can be a nightmare — finding yourself responsible for a tax bill when it was your spouse who made the mistake. But you can get yourself off the hook under “innocent spouse” relief if you meet all the following conditions, according to the IRS: You must have filed a joint return that has an… Read More »

Keep Your Homeowners Insurance Current

Homeowners insurance is meant to protect against disasters ranging from fire to theft to lawsuits, encompassing most injuries and damage that members of your family might cause to other people. Most insurance carriers even count pets as members of your family. How much insurance do you need? What would it take to rebuild your home?… Read More »

Big Changes in Social Security and Retirement Plans for 2018

From 401(k) plans to individual retirement accounts to Social Security, the federal government has been busy in recent weeks adjusting numbers for 2018. Whether you’re an employee or business owner, senior management or nonexempt staff, these changes may affect how you approach retirement in the coming months and years. Social Security: New ceilings First, let’s… Read More »

Estate Planning For Digital Assets

Over the past few years, estate planning has experienced unprecedented change. As we conduct more of our lives online, planning for digital assets and online accounts is crucial to securing your legacy. By law, these accounts are treated differently than other property and assets. Online accounts mandate a new approach: they hold some of your… Read More »

Reverse Mortgages: Don’t Get Fooled!

Reverse Mortgages: Don’t Get Fooled! You’ve probably heard a lot about reverse mortgages. There are a variety of types that have different requirements and payouts, so shopping around for the right option is important. It is also essential that consumers understand the potential for reverse mortgage scams. These issues can not only create a financial… Read More »

Can You Collect Social Security While Working?

Can You Collect Social Security While Working? It is possible to collect benefits and work, but there are some rules you need to consider. It may have to do with your age or the type of benefits that you will collect. Knowing what is possible and not possible will be an important part of making… Read More »

How to Be an Executor

How to Be an Executor An executor of a will carries out the last wishes of someone close who has died. The executor ensures that the rules that govern the administration of a probate estate are followed. Here are three key tasks of the executor job: You can get help. A lot of responsibility is… Read More »

Family Businesses and the Next Generation

Family Businesses and the Next Generation   Is having your children work in your family-owned business a blessing or a curse? Here are five tips for making it a blessing and preventing it from being curse: Have them work elsewhere for at least five years. They need time to mature, becoming their own individuals, and… Read More »

The Equifax Security Breach and What To Do

Jerry Reynolds|September 18, 2017 There has been a lot in the news lately about a huge security breach that happened at credit reporting agency Equifax.  In fact, the odds are good your identity has been compromised since there were 143 million people affected.  So what should you do to give yourself the best chance of… Read More »